Thursday, October 2, 2014

Media Release re options available for HCC re ICAC hearings

Hawkesbury City Council Press ReleaseRedbank at North Richmond

01 Oct 2014 3:57pm
At Council’s Extraordinary meeting held on 9 September 2014 a Notice of Motion was considered in relation to Redbank at North Richmond following references made to the development during recent ICAC hearings (Operation Spicer).
As a result, Council’s resolution, in part, called for ‘a report setting out all options available to Council to halt any further processing of DA’s or other applications associated with the North Richmond rezoning until Operation Spicer has produced its final report.’
As requested by Council, a further report in relation to this matter was submitted to Council at its Ordinary meeting held on 30 September 2014. Subsequently, Council resolved, in part, that:
“In light of the information now available to Council in response to part 1b) of Council’s Resolution of 9 September 2014, that Council adopt the following course of action:
a) In the interim, continue to process DAs, etc., including the application requiring referral to the JRPP, for Redbank at North Richmond.
b) Continue to process the proposed amendments to the Hawkesbury Development Control Plan to introduce a Chapter in respect of Redbank at North Richmond.
c) Request the Minister for Planning to issue an order to Council under the provisions of Section 117 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act directing the Council not to use its powers to consider and determine any DAs in respect of Redbank at North Richmond until such time as the ICAC has handed down its report resulting from Operation Spicer and the relevant portion of these findings, as related to Redbank at North Richmond, were considered.
d) In accordance with part 1(c) of Council’s resolution of 9 September 2014 a report be submitted to Council in relation to any findings contained within the report following the current ICAC hearings (Operation Spicer) regarding the planning process for the rezoning of Redbank at North Richmond.
A letter will now be forwarded to the Minister for Planning in respect to part c) of the above resolution.
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