Friday, October 24, 2014

Annual Report 2014

Presidents Report for AGM 20/10/2014

I would like to start my thanking my committee and all our members that supports us. We the NRDCAA continues to believe in effect community consultation.

We still have not convinced the majority aligned councillors to represent the interest of the community, the residents and ratepayer but we will continue to lobby for this to change. And we will continue to do so with determination, integrity and patience with the support of our members.

Our council has been found wanting of a good leader. Our mayor started the year by losing his driver’s licence on New Year’s Eve not only setting a poor example to young drivers but also failed to stand aside from the traffic committee when ask to by the community at large. He followed this by restanding at the mayoral elections even with the shadowy cloud that hung over him from the revelations at ICAC Operation Spicer.

The ICAC investigations have been eye opening to say the else. And we wait on the findings to be handed down. And we will assess where to from there.

So what have we been doing this year.


The Rezone of Redbank went before council. Our best efforts and speakers could not stop the rezoning. But it did not go unnoticed that the community was not behind this.
David Shoebridge visited the proposed Navua reserve and some of us were able to speak with him. The proposed site was seen as a value asset and Mr Shoebridge acknowledge the failings of this proposal.


The council report card showed again that overall the report demonstrated that the Hawkesbury Council has underperformed compared with other local government area benchmarks and identified how this might be corrected.

Areas of growing ratepayer dissatisfaction included community engagement in decision making, infrastructure and transparent, accountable and respected leadership. All these points were also identified in the 2011 survey yet continue to deteriorate.

The NRDCAA hosted a visit from the artist and friends from the Yeoman Project in a field trip at Peels Park. The afternoon was spent speaking with the group about the development now
know as Redbank. This group also visited Navua reserve to see the full scope of what this development and it affect on the natural landscape.


We began to lobby HCC re Community Reference Group (CRG) re Jacaranda Ponds.
We also continue to lobby Bart Bassett member for Londonderry to arrange a meeting with Minister for Planning Brad Hazard.


A meeting with Bart Basset and Ray Williams was convinced but unfortunately we were not able to get a meeting with the minister Brad Hazard. Michael Want and I did have a meeting with Derryn John of the Department of Planning at Parramatta. It is rather difficult to explain their culture and how all reports seem to be squeezed to fit the one peg holes they have. We still continue to question reports and ask for better outcomes.

Briefing began on the Redbank VPA.


Redbanks VPA. Bryan and Margaret Smith were outstanding in going thru this document and again the NRDCAA made a substantial submission to council. We also spoke when this matter come before council.


The committee had a meeting with Dominic Perrotet Liberal who will be the candidate for HAWKESBURY. The meeting seemed productive with Mr Perrotet understand the many problems our area has and the problems that will arise from the ongoing development. Mr. Perrotet present our concern to Pru Goward and it was hope that we would have a meeting with Ms Gowrad now Minister of Planning.


ICAC Operation Spicer began to have an impact on many at Macquarie Street including our Member for Londonderry. The shady dealings cast a deep shadow on not only the developer and the development but our Mayor Kim Ford. An extra ordinary meeting did force the mayor to write to minister for planning Pru Goward. But still the development continues.

A dreadful accident at Grose Vale Road cast other questions of the ability of emergency services this side of the river. Councilor Mary Lynd Bucket has asked for a report on this matter.

Minister Pru Gowrad was unable to met with us but arrange a meeting with Derryn John of the Department of Planning. This was a very frustrating meeting and very little was resolved. However we continue to use all contacts to obtain further information and hope that we can make a difference for the community.

We did have a win for one of our members! Dianne Lanhan was assisted by Michael Want in a compliance issue with her neighbors.


Draft Redbank at North Richmond chapter 8 went on public exhibition. The committee did have a briefing from council staff. Again we were less than satisfied, draft document was mainly prepared by the developer and the community consultation is still non existing. Once again Bryan and Margaret Smith prepared the submission on behalf of the NRDCAA.


NRJVG had their bridge community consultation night. This was shown to be a sham as the bridge (option 3) is already locked in the VPA. It is this sort of non community consultation that is so very wrong. Picking one from three bad plans is not much better.

This is an outline of the year. On many matters the committee has spoken at council. We continue to lobby for solution with infrastructure and services. We will continue to represent our members with issue they may have with council. And I hope that all feel welcome at our meeting where open and honest discussion is valued.

Beatriz Insausti

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