Friday, August 24, 2012

Heritage Register

Resolution for intention to consider listing Yorbanie and others on State Heritage Register.

“That the NRDCAA supports the listing of Yobarnie & Nevellan Keyline farms-108 Grose Vale Road
and 26 Yeomans Rd North Richmond and 302 Grose Vale Rd, Grose Vale.

The NRDCAA will prepare a submission based on the protection and retention of these significant properties.

The NRDCAA is of the firm view that any conservation management plan (cmp) must protect the Heritage of this rare site which is held in high esteem by the NRDCAA, its members and the permaculture and sustainable agricultural community.

The Heritage Council, the Developer and others have worked co-operately to reach the conclusions. This is acknowledge.

Accordingly, the cmp should be prepared in consultation with the key stakeholders including the NRDCAA, University of Western Sydney, sustainable agricultural community and Hawkesbury Harvest. The cmp must ensure the Keyline system of soil improvement, erosion control, water storage, cultivation and irrigation on undulating topography which was first developed and demonstrated on the sites are protected.

To do otherwise could lead to the destruction of the site, which Professor Stuart Hill said was the first organic farm in Australia.

The NRDCAA wants this historical site preserved for our children and generations to come.”