Friday, July 4, 2014

Redbank Voluntary Planning Agreement 2014

The NRDCAA Committee of Management is very disappointed that Council approved the Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) for Redbank at the Council meeting on 1/7/2014.

How our Councillors voted:
For: Ford, Tree, Conolly, Creed, Porter, Mackay and Reardon
Against:  Calvert, Lyons-Buckett, Paine, Williams. 
Did not participate Rasmussen, conflict of interest

The community rightly ask the question why Council would enter into an agreement that is vague, leans towards the Developer and lacks transparency and clear detail if it has the interest of the community at the heart of their decision making powers.

Clearly the majority of Councillors don’t.

The VPA does not provide certainty that a bridge can or will be built at Navua, nor does the NRDCAA support a bridge across two popular Reserves at Navua and Yarramundi.

Many residents have been misled into believing that a bridge will be built.

How many residents and ratepayers are aware the proposed bridge at Navua has a five tonne load limit?

The community will not know whether a bridge will be built or not, till the Subdivision Certificate for the creation of the 461st urban lot or such later date as agreed between the parties, ie the Council, RMS and the Developer.

By that time the traffic congestion will be unbearable.

What will we do then? In frustration, hop out of our cars and leave them?

Already a provider of disability services report cost increases due to excessive traffic congestion causing a blow out in cost, when transporting disabled youngsters to and from school.

The NRDCAA called for the Bridge to be approved prior to any urban lots subdivision certificates being issued. The majority of Councillors ignored the request.

The Developer and Council claim $55 million will be spent on infrastructure, but only about $29 million is identifiable and guaranteed in the VPA.

We also called for the Council to have finishing dates on the upgrading of the intersections between Richmond and North Richmond to no avail.

The NRDCAA sought an urgent meeting with Councillor Ford Mayor of HCC and Councillor Tree Deputy Mayor prior to the Council meeting. That request was rejected.

The community deserves better from the leaders of Council. The community west of the river have lost confidence in our leaders. They seem to represent a political party rather than the interest of residents and ratepayers of the Hawkesbury.

The NRDCAA thanks Councillors Calvert, Lyons- Buckett, Paine, Rasmussen and Williams for their support of the community and our endeavours.

The struggle is not over yet.

Authorised by the CoM NRDCAA 5 07 2014.