Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Report from Council meeting on 25 October and 8 November, 2016

There were two meetings of Council, 25th of October 2016 and the 8th of November 2016, since the October Report.  The report can be downloaded from here.

The report covers main issues as determined by the Committee of Management (CoM) that could affect residents and ratepayers, or could be a matter of public interest.

This report should not be relied upon by residents and ratepayers. The Reports, motions and resolutions are mostly truncated.
Council Business Papers and Minutes of each meeting are available on the Council website.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

2016 AGM

Fellow members and residents the NRDCAA (north Richmond and Districts Community Action Association) started as a “one issue” group ie. The development of the former P.A Yeomans property known as “Yobarnie” and now “Redbank”.

Our role since then has grown, we are now approached by resident on other matters of community concern such as:

          Ratepayers finding a very large factory style mushroom farm on their rural boundary.

          Small businesses threatened with the loss of all customer parking.

          Residents in danger of road collapse into their property.

          Parking and traffic concerns.

In many cases we provide information as to how to object and to whom.  We arrange meetings with HCC and others-   developers , RMS, state and federal MPs.

We write submissions on the community’s behalf. 

Committee members monitor Council business.

We organise forums so that you can personally meet and question would be Local, State and Federal government representatives.

Currently we are liaising with the Better Planning Network regarding the Greater Sydney Commission which will rewrite the planning agenda for the State.  

We attend planning workshops organised by BPN, TEC and UWS to make sure the needs of our area are considered.

We monitor the Redbank Creek in North Richmond so that we can alert authorities to any pollution caused by the  developer of “Redbank” or broken sewage pipes causing leaks,

This is all done by a small committee of volunteers.  We really need your support and input.

Are we doing what you need us to do?

How and what can we do better?

The AGM will be held on Monday 21st November at the North Richmond Community Centre , William Street, North Richmond commencing at 7:15pm.

ALL committee positions will be declared vacant and will need to be filled. Please consider joining our team.

As mentioned previously I am not standing for re-election to the position of Secretary and Public Officer. Ideally it should be filled by someone with more than the rudimentary computer skills that I have .

Please set the date aside in your busy schedules and come along and contribute to your community.

Colleen Turnbull

Secretary NRDCAA