Monday, November 22, 2010

Notes from meeting held on 15 November, 2010

A summary note from the meeting attended by Councillors Conolly and Calvert.
Date 15th November 2010.
Location North Richmond Community Centre.

President Dave Perry introduced the Councillors.

RTA personnel advised the meeting of their willingness to present to the Community at a future date.

The Councillors presented their views of the Hawkesbury Residential Land Strategy (HRLS), Bells line of Road (BLoR), and Traffic congestion in and around North Richmond. They then answered a number of questions and comments from the attendees including:

Lack of infrastructure now, including water sewage roads and transport;
The need for appropriate funding to build and maintain infrastructure;
The continuing need for in depth consultation;
Identification and protection of Agricultural and Rural land including an Agricultural and Rural plan;
Should there be more support for farmers who rely solely on their products to earn a living within our Community?;
Lack of details with regards to Vineyards future growth opportunities in the HRLP;
Continuing over development within the North Richmond precinct particular high density housing, despite the Mayoral minute;
Excessive traffic congestion because of over development without appropriate infrastructure particularly roads and public transport;
There is extreme traffic and pedestrian congestion in and around North Richmond shopping centre, school and roads in that area. Councillors will follow up progress of report being prepared by Council Officers;
Target of 5000 dwellings North West Subregional strategy—the HRLS has 5000-- 6000 dwellings within HCLGA over the period 2006—2031 Why the difference?;
Need accurate details of D/A’s for dwellings since 2006. On going updates should be provided to the Community;
Concerns expressed with regard to identification of corridor by the RTA for an alternative to BLoR;

The meeting was advised of Council’s opposition to BLoR.
What was the Council’s submission to RTA with regards to vehicles turning right into Terrace Road off BLoR?

In closing the meeting the President thanked both Councillors for their attendance and requested both Councillors to push within Council that a Community Consultative Group be invited to have in depth consultation with Council with regards to HRLS as soon as possible and advise NRDCAA and other groups of their endeavours. Both Councillors supported the concept. Councillor Calvert was very strong in his response. Councillor Conolly was not as strong, although supportive of the proposal.

Meeting closed at 8.50pm.