Saturday, August 30, 2014

Development at North Richmond must stop!

The Committee of Management of The North Richmond and Districts Community Action Association, (the Association) has called on all Hawkesbury Councillors to urge Councillor Ford, Mayor of HCC to direct Mr Jackson that no more work be undertaken by Council on any project to do with the whole of the North Richmond site.

The President of the Association, Beatriz Insausti said, "the revelations in ICAC are very disturbing and the member for Londonderry Mr Bassett MP has moved to the cross benches due to the evidence and allegations".

Mr Bassett has advised that ICAC has extended its inquiry to look into whether Buildev sought to influence him in his former role as Hawkesbury Mayor.

In view of the evidence produced at ICAC and the move to extend the inquiry to include the North Richmond site, it is essential that the project not proceed further, until ICAC’s investigations are complete and their report is available.

"It must be Council’s highest priority to protect the community from any shady deals between politicians and developers", Miss Insausti said.

Miss Insausti urged all residents to contact Councillor Ford Mayor of HCC, 0413 195 052 to register their support for the initiative of the NRDCAA.

Authorised by NRDCAA CoM. 28 August 2014.