Saturday, July 20, 2013

Submissions for Rebank Planning Proposal due 14 August, 2013


Following the public meeting on 18/7/13 we were asked to give information about the best way to
make a submission to Council about the Redbank project.

Your submission goes to:-

Hawkesbury City Council
PO Box 146
Windsor 2756
or email

Head the letter:-
Say who you are and which area you live in:-
e.g I am a mother with 2 children 7 and 4. I live in _________Rd. N.R. and work part
time in Richmond.
Then tell them how and why it affects you:-
e.g. The vastly increased traffic will prevent my eldest child going safely to school
independently. It will be dangerous to walk along the road and no footpaths are provided or
planned My journey time to work and later to pickup children will be increased. etc.
Be specific.
Then comment on the plan as you heard it at the public meeting on 18/7.
Points to consider- put in those that concern you or any you may like to add.
- The site is unsuitable. Rezoning from farmland so that you can build houses on lots as
small as 180sq. m makes no sense. The block sizes are much smaller than existing
ones in the area therefore out of character.
- There are inadequate emergency services . No ambulance or police station or
professional fire service this side of the River.
- The planning agreement is all in the favour of the developer not the Council and
- There is no guarantee that the facilities promised will be provided.
- The interests of the existing residents have not been considered.
- The destruction of Navua and Yarramundi reserves to build a bridge which will not be
flood free is senseless.
Ask that the rezoning not proceed in the community interest unless infrastructure be
provided first.

This is just a suggestion but feel free to use. Iʼm sure you can think of much more.
It is imperative that as many submissions as possible are sent. The community
organisations will be sending detailed submissions but unless these are supported by a

large number of individual ones we are wasting our time.

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