Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Street Meeting 27 July, 2013

Street Meeting 
Gregory Street 
North Richmond 
27 July 2013.


This meeting expresses its disgust with the massive increase in the residential rate that Councillors Ford, Tree, McKay,  Porter, Reardon ,Conolly and Creed have imposed on those who are least able to pay in the HLGA.   

All but Councillor Porter are members of the Liberal Party. All those Councillors collectively have put their political allegiance ahead of the residents and ratepayers with their action.

Increases of $600 per annum have been reported. This has imposed extreme stress on thousands in our Community.

Residents and Ratepayers feel betrayed by the above Councillors and call on the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to resign their leadership’s position immediately.

This meeting also notes that the Mayor used his casting vote to impose this huge rate hike in April. He could have prevented the massive increase but choose otherwise.

Councillor Porter was the mastermind behind this huge increase. He should also review his position in view that he personally benefitted from the decision. Further, his neglect to lodge a Development Application for a shed reflects poor governance for a person in his position.

Councillor Conolly also needs to review his behaviour and allegiances.

At the April Council meeting he did not support the increase.  He used the Gazette in December2012 to express his opposition because of the hardship the increase would impose on a pensioner from South Windsor and others.  Further Councillor Conolly said ‘I don’t think it’s fair for people of North Richmond, McGraths Hill and other residential areas to be subsidising the provision of services for people who choose that life-style’.

In June 2013 Councillor Conolly no longer had concerns for the pensioner’s position or the fair test he applied to the people of North Richmond, McGraths Hill and other residential areas. Councillor Conolly said one thing publicly and in the theatre of Council maintained his firm commitment to his Liberal colleagues. He abandoned the residents and ratepayers without a blink.

His action do not fit with the high office he holds to represent the interest of residents and ratepayers. He should also resign.

We also note the same Councillors, Ford, Tree, McKay, Porter Reardon Conolly and Creed also voted to reduced rural residential rates. Decreases of over $900.00 have been reported.

Should the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillor Conolly not resign their positions, these meeting calls on the State Government to sack this incompetent Council and appoint an Administrator forthwith?

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