Thursday, March 8, 2012

Meeting 19 March, 2012 Cancelled

Fellow Members and Supporters please be advised the North Richmond and Districts Community Action Association (NRDCAA) meeting due to be held on Monday 19th March 2012 has been cancelled as members of the Committee of Management of the NRDCAA have applied to attend the State Government’s Public Cabinet Meeting and speak to Ministers regarding the lack of infrastructure in the Hawkesbury and the effect on the population.
HOWEVER , there is something that YOU can do!! Our local Member of Parliament, Mr Bart Bassett , who was elected to represent the people is refusing to communicate with YOUR association, effectively disenfranchising the members of the NRDCAA and the public who attend our meetings and have asked us to represent them and their concerns for the well-being of the Hawkesbury and it’s residents. He has used the excuse that we have misrepresented him, he has only detailed one instance which was an error of editing and was corrected as soon as it was noticed, within 2 days. We do not think that this is acceptable behaviour from someone who is supposed to represent us in State Parliament.
According to the research that I have done he is under NO OBLIGATION to communicate with his electorate!!!!! This situation MUST BE REMEDIED. So, we need you and others to communicate your dissatisfaction with his refusal to communicate and do his job of representing his constituents to the Premier and other members of State Cabinet.
Below are listed some email addresses that might prove useful:

And for good measure :
Governor Marie Bashir AC
Office of the Governor of NSW
Level 3, Chief Secretary’s Building
121 Macquarie Street,
SYDNEY 2000.

Please take the time to write and support  your association in the job that you have asked us to do on your behalf.

Colleen Turnbull
Secretary NRDCAA

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