Friday, February 24, 2012

Recovering Redbank Creek Project

NRDCAA is a member of Hawkesbury Environment Network (HEN). HEN and Bass Sydney Fishing Club are forming a local group to assist in the following project and have started to make contacts with local landholders or anyone concerned about the Redbank Creek (its water quality, its banks, its fauna, etc.). Robin Woods is the local contact for HEN who is working on this plan. She is inviting people to contact her with their interest in the project.

Recovering Redbank Creek Project

Over 40 kilometres of Redbank tributaries connect the Creek from Kurrajong, Kurmond, Grose Vale and Nth Richmond, down to the Hawkesbury River.  But it’s in pretty bad shape at the moment! Its banks are degraded, its waters polluted, and its animals, such as platypus and fish are finding it hard to live here. Further development will be putting more pressures on this system, so the time to act is NOW!

 Please read this flyer and contact Robin if you would like to get involved
or if you would like more information. Details attached.

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