Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meeting 20 February, 2012

YES it is that time AGAIN!!!!!!

The monthly meeting of the North Richmond and Districts Community Action Association (NRDCAA) is to be held on this Monday 20th February at 7:15pm at the North Richmond   Community Centre, William Street, North Richmond.

We have a lot to report in light of  the Member for Londonderry , Mr Bart Bassett refusing to come and speak to the people that he is supposed to represent.

HCC meetings, Redbank Creek and the “fall out” from the meeting with Mayor are all on the agenda.

Please come and show your support and sign the petition. We have the problems that we have because we have been too nice and polite over the years and haven’t asked for anything now when we need it we are being ignored and insulted by people who are supposed to represent us.

IF you want things to improve then you, your family and friends MUST become involved and active- even if it is only writing letters to the local paper, the Premier and especially the person who is supposed to represent us – and gets paid handsomely for it both at a State level and as a Councillor on HCC.

As usual there will be a cuppa and a raffle. I look forward to seeing you there.

Colleen Turnbull
Secretary NRDCAA

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