Sunday, March 1, 2009



The community of North Richmond and surrounding areas of the Hawkesbury have major concerns about a proposed development at 108 Grose Vale Road, North Richmond. The proposal is for an initial Seniors Living development followed by land rezoning for residential use, effectively creating a residential precinct more than twice the size of the current township.

The North Richmond area currently suffers chronic inadequacy in terms of infrastructure and services. This proposal would add to our already congested roads, alter the rural character of the area and result in the loss of vital and heritage keyline dams and prime agricultural land. It would forever alter the beauty and scenic value of the area. There are also major concerns with stormwater runoff into the Hawkesbury River via Redbank Creek when the river’s health is already under great stress.

Surveys conducted in recent years by Hawkesbury City Council have overwhelmingly shown the major quality valued by people in the area is its rural character and people have relocated and built their lives based on indications that this was to be maintained.

The intention to locate seniors in an area reasonably isolated from retail and community facilities with a ten-seater mini-bus as transport provision could potentially lead to isolation for residents or a major increase in use of private transport on local and main roads already stretched to capacity with major congestion problems. It would also place a burden on existing community services and facilities operating at or near full capacity

The community elected a committee to seek further information about the proposal, as many questions and concerns remain unanswered in terms of the impacts this development could have on the people of North Richmond and the wider Hawkesbury community. The committee will be reporting its findings back to the community at a public meeting on February 27th, 2009 at North Richmond Panthers @ 7.30pm.

For further information please contact 0421 985162

Time to act – Issued on Behalf of the North Richmond & Districts Community Action Association.

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