Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Meeting Monday 18 February, 2013

Special Guest 

The North Richmond and Community District Action Association (NRDCAA) monthly meeting will be held in the North Richmond Community Centre Monday 18th of February at 7.15 pm.

The NRDCAA has invited Matthew Owens City Planning Director to the meeting and present on the Draft Hawkesbury Community Strategic Plan (DHCSP) 2013-2032.
He has accepted.

We have forwarded some question to Mr Owens so he can be prepared.

According to the message in the DHCSP from Councillor Ford Mayor of HCC, This plan belongs to the people of the Hawkesbury. We encourage you to help us to achieve your vision.

The NRDCAA has over 4000 petitioners calling on the Mayor to oppose rezoning of land west of the river till our current traffic congestion is addressed. To date he has ignored the petitioners.

The NRDCAA doubts very much the sincerity of Councillor Ford’s message. However, it is in the community’s interest to attend, which will enable us to make a positive contribution to the peoples’ plan and make informed decisions in the future.

This is another opportunity to continue our efforts to have the majority Councillors represent the Community’s interest.

NRDCAA is a non political group who want a fair go for all residents and ratepayers.

This meeting is opened to all resident of the Hawkesbury.
Colleen Turnbull Secretary NRDCAA

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