Sunday, January 27, 2013

Proposed Council Rate Changes

Fellow Members and Supporters,

Below is important information that will affect you and your families, please read , act and share with others in your community:


Unless rescinded (Council meeting Feb.5th) a motion carried on the Mayor’s casting vote in the early hours of Dec. 13th will dramatically change YOUR Rates.

Rural Residential householders with between 2 and 40 hectares land will pay up to $2000 less while suburban house rates will increase by up to $200.

Current system.

Your rates are calculated by multiplying the land value by a rate in the dollar.
Urban area minimum rate is $485.

Rural residential 2 to 40 hectares
You pay a base rate $190 plus land value x rate in the dollar.

Proposed system.

This is a redistribution of charges to obtain the same amount.
Council would get 65% from residential and 20% from Rural residential with the balance from business and farms.

In North  Richmond average rates on each urban house block will increase by $124 to $940 p.a. while rates on rural residential properties decrease by $627 to $1348,

What your rates provide.

Your rates provide 70% of Council’s income. T he money,  for the benefit of every one, is spent on:-

Recycling and waste services
Building, planning  Capital works
Parks, gardens, environmental care   
Sport and recreation
and many other services.


Any change in this system should only be undertaken if a gross inequity, within the current system, can be demonstrated.

What you can do?

Attend the Council meeting on February 5th, 2013

Share this information with your friends and let Councillors know your views before February 5th Council meeting.

Colleen Turnbull

Secretary NRDCAA

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