Friday, November 11, 2011

21 November, 2011 Meeting

November Meeting
Monday 21/11/2011
North Richmond Community Centre

Matthew Owens, Director of City Planning Hawkesbury has kindly agreed to give his time and will be giving a presentation on the new “Gateway” process that is being used now in the approval for rezoning of land. The remainder of the development at 108 Grose Vale Road will come under this new process so it is imperative that we understand it so that we can make informed submissions/comments on the development.

Please come along and bring your family and friends too, we must continue to show public interest and concern or your opinions will continue to be discounted by the Liberal Party caucus on Hawkesbury City Council.

A petition has been organized – it can be signed at the meeting or if your prefer you can do it on-line or just “google” nrdcaa . Copies will be available for you to take and circulate  and don’t forget your email address book- lots of contacts there BUT you can’t sign more than once!! Either on-line or hard copy.

This will be the last meeting for 2011. There will be a raffle as usual and a cuppa- with biscuits too if you would like!!

Your committee looks forward to seeing you there.

Colleen Turnbull
Secretary NRDCAA

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