Sunday, October 5, 2014

Community Consultation - Proposed Grose River Bridge Crossing at Yarramundi

Another trick on the Community

The President of the North Richmond & District Community Action Association, (NRDCAA) Beatriz Insausti said the supposed  was an attempted deception perpetrated on the community.

Miss Insausti said the Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) sets out the location and other details for the proposed bridge at Navua Reserve. The VPA was approved by Council, RMS and the Developer in August 2014. The deal was done nearly two months ago.

What we witnessed on Wednesday was a sham Miss Insausti said. The NRJV claim of having active community consultation was shown to be what it is, non- existing. It is option 3 or nothing.
She also called on the Developer to discuss the findings of their “Community Feedback Form” with the NRDCAA to ensure transparency.

Miss Insausti said the Leadership at Council have ignored the community with the rezoning of “Yobarnie” from farmland to the large residential development now known as” Redbank” at North Richmond. That is why we need to wait and see what the ICAC findings has to say about any corrupt activities that may have occurred during the” Redbank” approval process.

Miss Insausti insists the only solution to traffic congestion is a real bridge that will address the inadequacy of Windsor and Richmond Bridges, not an inadequate, load limited, flood prone bridge that will not meet the future needs of either this development or the wider community, even if it is ever built.

Miss Insausti also stated that Council and the State Government should listen to the people instead of Developers on the location of a third crossing for real solutions.

Authorised by NRDCAA CoM.

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