Saturday, January 19, 2013

Minutes from 19 November, 2012

Meeting of the NRDCAA Monday 19/11/2012 at 7:15pm.

Apologies: D. Lanham.Moved C.Turnbull Sec’d B.Insausti.

Correspondence In: Confirmation email from Chris Amit (HCC) re meeting regarding “Adopt a Road”.
Emails in reply re “Yobarnie” and “Nevallan” listing.
RMS  “Long Term Report” on Bells Line of Road.

Correspondence Out”: Email to Heritage re adaptive reuse proposals.
Email to HCC re “Adopt a Road” appointment with Michael and Beatriz.
Moved C.Turnbull Sec’d J.Macintosh.Minutes read and confirmed. Moved C.Turnbull Sec’d. V.Head.
President’s Report: No Umbrella Group meeting until at least the New Year.
Sent an email to Mark Regent re “Buildev” financial woes and putting info on our web site.
“Adopt a Road” idea is to try and keep our area looking good as well as possible raising of the NRDCAA profile..Read duties as proscribed by HCC.Alternate date for meeting 29/11/2013.

Treasurer’s Report:  $493.47 Rent $54 Balance $449.47. Moved M.Smith Sec’d .J.Maguire.
Councillor Paul Rasmussen addressed the meeting- Retirement of Hercules aircraft (H model) DoD said 2015 then room at Richmond Base for civilian aircraft. The new C-27 Caribou will initially be based at Richmond but later moved to Amberley. Major airport for Sydney 25-30 years away but Richmond could provide relief for Sydney- 3 scenarios-least favourable- Option 1:1 million passengers/year. Runway 2.4km long capable of taking large aircraft. Can’t take “Jumbo” E-W not International flights. Will take East coast runs Jet Star etc.$150 million but not much change to infrastructure.   
Option 2: 2-5 million passengers- $500 million ,more infrastructure large terminal E-W runway. No indication of curfew.
Option3: N-S runway ,30 million passengers $3 billion .

HCC should lobby to keep RAAF operational base.Clr Paine put a NoM to hold public meetings and find out what the public wants but the Liberal majority on council amended the NoM to write to the Federal Government. Councillor Rasmussen explained the options to the other councillors but the Liberals refused public meetings.
Due to her election Mary Lyons-Buckett resigned her position as Vice President although Beatriz has agreed to step into the vacancy temporarily  we still need a volunteer for the position.

Margaret tabled the HEN submission on the heritage listing- Thank you Robin and HEN for their submission it was thorough and professional.
“Better Planning Network” the CoM has agreed to affiliate with this body in order to try and influence State Government planning laws to better represent the views of the people.

Next meeting 21/1/2013

Meeting closed 9pm.

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