Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hawkesbury City Council Meeting to discuss development -31 Jan 2012

At the next Hawkesbury City Council Meeting, Tuesday 31/1/12 at 6.30pm, at Hawkesbury City Council Chambers, the North Richmond Joint Venture (development in North Richmond) is being discussed.

The business papers for the meeting can be downloaded from Hawkesbury City Council’s website,, attachment 3 to item 4.

The meeting is open to all so come along and hear the discussion from our Councillors.  If we are to influence Councillors we need lots of people present at the Council Meeting on Tuesday evening.

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  1. really, after reading that - all I can say is what a joke. A proposed bridge through Navua reserve??? That's insane, Navua is a wonderful place where families and friends can come and have picnics and relax, have a swim - not a thoroughfare for traffic to be shunted to so that the council can approve this ridiculous development. I mean, in the community, how many people actually want this development to go ahead? I know I certainly don't